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Posted 3 weeks ago
Suggestions for ZCA

Hello! today i want to suggest for things which is:

I:More SuperPower:



Godmod(limited like for 6 seconds max)


Alot of players complaining about no parachute on the game i hope you add it.

III:LNJ Buff Survivor:

Survivor got 3k hp only 2 hits to kill him, Nemesis got 30k hp which is hard to kill one

Add more hp for Survivor

IV:Buff human (so slow :/ )

Human got only 200 hp even after getting more speed with AGE He will stay still slow But Zombie got 260-265 at beggining, but he will get more faster at more AGE human won't take a chance to run


i hope you accept this

#Stay safe


Hey, look what Mr.Makarouna suggests! What do you think? We want to hear your opinion.

Posted 3 weeks ago
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Posted 3 weeks ago

I m gonna stop you here already and stop the spam with suggestions for powers. There are already enough powers and balanced to give everyone a fair chance.
Teleport is already one of the human powers unlocked at AGE so there is no point in a double existance of same power
Freeze same situation as teleport so i dont need to talk about it again.
Godmode will never be added as power again since it never gave up space for counterplay. Its unfun and unbalanced no matter of duration or usage.

Please stop asking for Godmode Freeze Teleport Samurai to come back, that meta is and will stay dead.

Parachute will be added probably the module was skipped on instalation. Things like this happen.

LNJ was balanced for CSO and will be balanced later this weekend. And more hp isnt balancing btw :)

The whole idea of this version is to evolve. After testing and testing the AGE speed is more than enough to survive and get a distance from zombies so again please stop talking about stuffs if you dont know.

For everyone that will me suggestion from now on. Please dont suggest anything related to AGE or Human/Zombie classes, there were spent days and days to balance and test everything out from 0 to max so dont try to rebalance stuff around your knowledge when this is a clean new version that tries to give everyone a chance. We dont want Formula 1 cars to run around server, learn to survive fighting not running. You have plenty of way to survive and fight zombies if you use your brain and not expect to run like a maniac. The actual gameplay is more fun if you use your brain and try to learn to survive rather than running for no reason.

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