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New stuff

Party System

What is this Party System?
Well lemme explain:

Do invite people to a party u say /party and then pick the player u want in the party (max 5 people)

Party allows the people in that party to get a higher combo , and get 1.5x ap/xp than u would get solo.

It makes it easier to keep combo good for new player's and advanced player's.

Party system would work a tiny bit diffrent for vips (max 3 people) and 1.25x ap/xp than u would get solo

Rock The Vote system would help people to vote for a new map (rn u can play alone sometimes without player's so when a map is too big u could vote for a new one) (only from round 10 and under)

Bring back Plasma gun


Change Frieza skin to something cooler : (my pick)


(ik this is random and everyone will hate it but)

Coins = point's with a conversion rate of 1 coin/2points or 2coins/1point (no reverse conversion tho)

ThunderBolt AWP:


Hope you like the suggestion if you got any feedback towards the stuff i suggested comment it

Have a nice day

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Posted 1 month ago
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Posted 1 month ago

Yo,yea if party system added the players can get levels easy

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