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Posted 1 month ago
Buff/Nerf/Fix Super Power

Buff Sparrow :

only 7 multi jumps at 100% upgrade, it not really useful, i wish you buff sparrow.

Buff Scapper :

only 10 armor per kill at 100% upgrade, it really useless because the zombie destroy 30 armor per hit so that mean 3 kills to protect 1 hit damage, so it pretty useless i wish you buff it.

Nerf Wallhang :

we could use wallhang 6 time at 100% upgrade, i think that so over power, i wish you nerf wallhang.

Super Power Not Working :



Hey, look what Lord Azax suggests! What do you think? We want to hear your opinion.

Posted 1 month ago

This post was marked as rejected by Daniel on Sat, Aug 27, 2022 7:52 PM (UTC).


To be able to use the fly ability, use bind: bind F4 flypw.

As for resurrection, it works, I tested this, only when the skill chance is over 50%.

I have generated an auto-reply to provide you with additional information. For any other questions, fell free to open a support ticket.

Posted 1 month ago

why are you talking about bots ? and how you can see people using wallhang before upgrade it ?

Posted 1 month ago

prosperity works but chances. dude play againest most of bots 10 armor perkills ok. i dont see people use wallhang.

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