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Culprit Lord Azax
Downgrade admin -1
Posted 1 month ago
New rule, admin can gag admin :D

Hello everybody,

im here today to report our new admin that he gagged admin for saying gay,

also when i wrote this gay,[i meant the segnut weapon, that wpn who throws hearts]

so as i know normally that when u see an admin broke the rules he has to report him, not to use commands on other admins, and i really felt bad about it how new lse staff are acting like they just got approved without reading rules , i applied a downgrade him cause i don't really want problems

Have a great day, :)
Here is the proof
(link: https://ibb.co/k2jjWXP)


Hey, do you think Lord Azax should get the 'Downgrade admin -1' punishment? We want to hear your opinion.

Posted 1 month ago
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Posted 1 month ago


It is not allowed to use commands on other admins, only in extreme cases (ban, broke the rules completely [i.e. advertising other servers, swearing at another level, cheats])

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