updated 3 weeks ago

There are several abilities that give to the player the power to perform different tasks faster or better to defend against the enemy. To upgrade these super abilties you need points, the cost being displayed in the designated menu (see on the game server).


  • you are allowed to fly wherever you want for a couple of seconds based on the fly level you have

  • the power can be used only once per round

  • usage: press F1 to enable the power

  • bind: bind F1 flypw


  • when you die, you have more or less changes to respawn randomly as a human or a zombie

  • the more advanced this power is, the more chances you have to be revived

  • the power is enabled automatically by the game mode


  • when enabled, you can climb the walls or hang there for a couple of seconds (it is discouraged to stay in the same time for a long time)

  • the number of usages is based on how high is the level of the wallhang power

  • usage: press Space, *E and W to enable this power


  • similar to the multi jump effect, but you are allowed to jump as many times as you want

  • the more advanced this power is, the higher is the number of jumps you are allowed to do

  • usage: press multiple times the Space button

Health Zombie / Human

  • increase the health of your human / zombie character


  • increase your damage as a zombie or human


  • serial killer, you get HP for your crimes


  • serial killer, you get armor for your crimes


  • serial killer, you get ammo for your crimes


  • serial killer, you get XP for your crimes


  • gravity, is your close friend, helps you jump like the moon


  • your damage is rewarded by ammo


  • Your combo is improved, so do fast XP


  • you have more or less chances to receive double rewards